Your Starter Tenancy

If you are moving or have just moved into your new home, welcome to Platform Housing. All new customers begin with a 12 month tenancy agreement called a ‘starter tenancy’ and this aims to settle you in to your new home and surrounding community.

If the first year goes well, you will then be moved onto an Assured Lifetime Tenancy. 

During the starter tenancy you will be unable to:

  • Exchange homes with another tenant
  • Make improvements to your home
  • Buy your home
  • Take in a lodger

You will also receive visits from your Housing Officer at regular intervals after:

  • Six weeks
  • Four months
  • Nine months

After twelve months you should progress onto an Assured Lifetime Tenancy but this will depend on how you starter tenancy goes.

For example, unpaid rent or anti-social behaviour may result in your starter tenancy being extended for six months while we work with you to resolve any issues. If we are unable to come to an agreement the tenancy will come to an end and you may lose your home.


Your Tenancy Agreement

Please take time to read your tenancy agreement and discuss any concerns with us. We aim to work with you to provide you with a settled home and a safe and secure community to live in, however we will take action against anyone who does not pay their rent or causes problems for other people in the community. Extra support is available for vulnerable tenants.  We may be able to offer the support/advice ourselves or signpost to someone who can help.