Our Development Programme

Clarence Park Village Fortis Living has delivered almost 1,000 homes since its creation in 2014.  We aim to build 500+ homes each year to help us deliver on our ambitions to grow our portfolio to 20,000 homes by 2020.

We make a profit so that we can re-invest it into building more homes, and are committed to the Fortis Living Group vision of delivering 'Better Homes, Better Lives.'

We build a range of homes to meet needs and aspiration, and offer a range of tenures including shared ownership, affordable rent, market sale and retirement living.

If you are looking to find out more about our development programme and working with us to deliver new homes please get in touch.

Partner With Us

Buy a Home We are on the look-out for opportunities to build new partnerships, or strengthen existing ones. Whether you are a land owner or agent, housing provider, developer or a local authority, we have something to offer.

To find out more about the opportunities we have on offer and how we can work together please contact Michael Baggett, Head of New Business mbaggett@fortisliving.com or call 01684 579443.