Planning a move? Read this first...

If you are planning to move from a Fortis Living property, either by transfer or Home Choice Plus, you should make sure your tenancy account and the property you currently live in meet certain criteria. We want to make as many customers aware of this as possible because some people have missed out on a property as they did not meet the requirements. If you apply for a new home, your housing needs will be assessed in the same way as other applicants by the council but you will only be considered for a transfer to another property if:

  • you do not have a starter tenancy;
  • your rent account is up to date with no outstanding court costs, former tenancy debts or charges for rechargeable repairs. This will be checked at time of allocation and at time of sign-up. If an offer has been made but the rent account is not clear at time of sign-up, the offer will be withdrawn;
  • you have complied with all other conditions of your tenancy agreement;
  • your current home, including the garden, passes a property inspection and requires only a gas and electric check before re-letting. If repairs or decoration is needed (other than repairs resulting from fair wear and tear) you will not be permitted to move but given details of what works must be carried out so that a move at a later date can be agreed.

Any Fortis Living cudstomer who makes a successful bid on Choice Based Lettings but fails to meet the above criteria will be advised of the reasons why. For more information contact us on 0333 200 7304.