Disposing of household items

If you have household items to dispose of, which are not included in bin collections, there are lots of other ways to get rid of them, some of which are detailed below:


This is a community website where you can offer your unwanted goods for free. It's a great way to get rid of large items such as sofas as the recipient will normally collect the item from you. To join the Freecycle network you just need an email address.



This website has been put together by Worcestershire County Council and has information about local groups and charities which will reuse your items. Visit Reuse



If the items are no good to anyone else and you can’t get them to a council recycling centre, local councils provide bulky household waste service:

Worcester City Council

Malvern Hills Disrict Council

Wychavon District Council

Herefordshire Council

Redditch Borough Council

Bromsgrove District Council

Stratford Upon Avon District Council

Cotswold District Council

Warwick District Council

Birmingham City Council



Most councils offer a garden waste collection service, use the links above to visit your local council website and search for garden waste.



It's FREE to dispose of bulky items at household recycling centres.

If you wish to use a commercial type vehicle or trailer to transport your bulky waste you will need a CVT permit (Commercial Vehicle Trailer Permit).



Householders now have a legal responsibility to make sure that only registered Waste Carriers collect their waste. Search the Environment Agency public register of those with a Waste Carriers Licence. Anyone offering a waste collection service such as odd jobbers, gardeners, or builders needs a waste carriers licence, so if anyone takes waste away for you always remember to:

  • ask to see their waste carriers licence and make note of the number
  • ask for a company headed receipt
  • note down telephone number and vehicle registration

If your waste carrier does not have the correct licence, and then disposes of your waste illegally fly tipping, you as the householder will be held responsible and may be liable to prosecution and could be fined up to £5,000.

For Worcester city residents the council offers a  Saturday Skips Collection Service.  You can find out more at https://www.worcester.gov.uk/saturday-skips