Fortis Fair Deal

Diversity and inclusion is very important in how we deliver our services.

We have a legal duty to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunities for all and work hard to foster good relations between people representing different groups. Put simply, we want to make sure everyone gets a Fair Deal.  It is important to remember that people cannot be discriminated against based on their age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, religion or belief, race, gender and sexual orientation. Those 9 categories or groups are what we call ‘protected characteristics’.

We have to treat everyone with fairness regardless of their background and we work to do our best to help people with those protected characteristics to get on with their lives and to succeed in what they want to achieve. Our duty includes standing up against prejudice, intolerance and acting when people are bullied or harassed based on of one of those categories or ‘characteristics’.

To do this well we have to understand all we can about our customers. That’s why from time to time, we ask for your views and about services and also things like age, ethnic background, whether you consider yourself to have a disability or what your sexual orientation is and whether you can express it without being afraid of consequences. Your help with this information is essential.

Knowing our customers better gives us an idea about some of the challenges they face and how we can tackle them together. Examples include a big challenge around ageing population which requires more care and support. Another one has to do with a growing community of people from different ethnic backgrounds who often feel treated unfairly. Or perhaps that our customers declare disabilities more frequently than others in local communities.

Fortis Fair Deal

We have a Plan

In order to plan and organise this important work, we have an Equality and Diversity Policy which is available on request. We also have an action plan that sets out diversity and inclusion targets and ways of achieving them.  Called the  Single Equality Scheme Plan, it allows us to improve all our services, how we engage with our customers and what we have to do to help communities become more inclusive. Here are some examples of what's in the plan:

  • Increasing satisfaction with hate crime reporting to 80%
  • Ensuring that all groups regardless of their age, disability, ethnic background, sexual orientation etc participate in our events, including Our Customer Day in June and Communities Week in September
  • Focusing on advertising employment and apprenticeship opportunities with Fortis Living to people from all walks of life and backgrounds
  • Increasing number of people of all backgrounds using the Internet
  • Ensuring that all our suppliers and contractors also adopt fair recruitment policies
  • Ensuring that all customers are represented equally through our Fortis Forum
  • Ensuring that our services are accessible to all our customers which could mean different forms of communication