A different way of getting your feedback

In April 2019, working with an independent company called Voicescape, we trialled a different way of getting your feedback using a method called “real time survey”. The trial lasted a month and specifically focused on your experience of our repairs service. 

It was a successful trial with very useful feedback. We have dedicated staff looking at all dissatisfaction responses and we will be able to act upon issues quickly. Due to the success of the trial, in May and June 2019, we are going to continue using the repair surveys as another method of contacting you.

What is a real time survey?

A real time survey aims to gather feedback as close as possible to service you have received. For you, this will mean that we will getting your feedback as close as we can following a non-emergency repair job carried out at your home. We will aim to contact you for a survey within two working days of your job being noted as complete on our system.  This will allow you to give us feedback whilst the experience of the service you received is still fresh in your mind.


How will the surveys be carried out?

Voicescape will contact customers who have had a non-emergency repair completed by us. They will attempt to contact you two times by phone and it will be a local number, 01684 462036. Once you answer the phone, you will hear an automated voice that will ask you whether you were satisfied with the service that you received, and you will be able to provide your answer as part of the call.  If they are not successful making contact with you, and your service provider permits, a voicemail will be left. If we cannot leave a voicemail message and you have a mobile phone, we will send you a text message to gather your feedback. 


Who is carrying out the survey?

As mentioned above, the survey will be carried out by a third party company called Voicescape. Voicescape will mention Fortis Living when they ring so you will be assured the contact is associated with us.


Will my answers be anonymous?

Only a small group of Fortis Staff members will have access to be able to link answers to individuals in order to carry out a more detailed analysis of the results. However, an individual would never be identified if results are shared publicly.


All information will be kept safe and secure, and handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Voicescape will not keep or use the data.


What happens with the survey results?

Once the survey is complete, where we receive negative feedback, a member of the team at Fortis Living will contact you within five working days to follow your responses up with view to answering your concerns regarding that specific repair.

As a whole we will look at the results in detail to identify the areas where we are performing well and those which have room for improvement. Our senior management team and staff will discuss the results and decide upon any action we may need to take as a result. We will feedback details of the results and any resulting action through the website. 

If you have any questions regarding the article, or if you want to opt out of this survey, please email realtimesurveys@waterloo.org.uk.

Your Feedback Counts

We always welcome feedback from customers about our homes and services because this helps us to improve what we do. Detailed below are some of our latest initiatives which have been shaped by your feedback:

Events with food in the school holidays

We have responded to comments from families who are struggling financially and are unable to provide meals for their children during the school holidays. We've worked with partners, like St Mary's Church in Pickersleigh, to put on pilot events with activities and food. This has gone well and is something we will explore further in 2019.

Over 55 trips

Following feedback about long journeys with too many pick-ups we have arranged more local trips with fewer pick-ups to save people spending too long on coaches. We have also been consulting customers at different locations about the types of activities that they would like to access.

Health and well-being  

Following a successful pilot our ‘Thrive, Not Just Survive’ course has been repeated for new learners, It covers a range of subjects designed to help people to manage their emotions effectively and become more resilient. Some people had commented that they didn’t have the confidence in themselves to access the exercise classes offered by Fortis Living and others. Customers commented that similar courses put on by partners can be difficult to sign up to, whereas these, along with a high level of support, have proved invaluable to those who have taken part.

Informal community hubs          

A community café session has successfully been launched at Oasis School in Worcester following feedback that people want the opportunity to get together informally and have the opportunity to address their issues.

New guidance issued to customers about pest control

A new customer information leaflet has been produced giving guidance to customers on how to deal with pests. This was following a number of complaints which related to inconsistent or incomplete advice given to customers when they report issues with pests.

Garage Maintenance

Following complaints relating to garage repairs our call centre has developed new guidance to advisors. This will ensure that we gather the correct information from customers in relation to accessing the garage, for example, confirming if the garage will be left open for the trade person to access or providing a number of the trade person to call in order to gain access to the garage.

Mutual Exchange

Advice has been added to the Mutual Exchange FAQ sheet to advise customers about removing cookers when exchanging their property.This will prevent damage being caused and ensure customer safety.

Latest Customer Feedback Information

Figures recorded April - September 2018

167 compliments recorded

112 complaints investigated

204 complaint quick resolutions actioned